Monday, February 28, 2011

Sin Deck [Beta].

Monster [17]
Sin Blue Eyes Dragon x 3
Sin Stardust Dragon x 3
Sin Cyber End Dragon x 2
Sin Truth Dragon x 2
Sin Parallel Gear x 3
Blue Eyes White Dragon x 3
Dark Armed Dragon x 1

Spell [17]
Allure of Darkness x 1
Trade In x 3
Pot of Duality x 2
D.D.R. x 2
Terraforming x 3
Sin World x 3
MST x 2
Dark Hole x 1

Trap [6]
Return from Different Dimension x 1
Solemn Judgement x 1
Solemn Warning x 2
Bottomless Traphole x 2

The concept pretty straight forward. Simple Sin Beatdown. =)


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello all, my exams is finally over!! =D

Hmmm.. Movie Pack and Extreme Victory will be here
real soon and this 2 sets seems promising and fun.

Can't wait to try out :

Discussed with Nicholas before, the possibility for FOTK
is quite high with the new psychic support. He even
suggest that Mind Master might be banned soon.

Sin World
Not game changing, but definitely a cool deck to run simply
for the fact that its cool!

Don't really know how to work that out yet, but so far the
support seems to be balance and stable.

Tech Genus
Needless me to say, the core of the 704 series, crazy combo
have been flying around in Yugioh discussion board. Probably
another archetype that able to top the meta list. =D

Currently I'm trying out different variant of E.Hero to find out
which is the best and consistent build that able to fit in the
new support Mask Change.

Mask Change + E.Hero Sub Zero is darn awesome.

Another worth mention card from the PP13 is ' A Hero Arrives'.
It increases the value of E.Hero Bubbleman as you can use this
to summon it from the deck and abuse its effect. Trust me,

A Hero Arrives + E.Hero Bubbleman = Save the day!

Well, I'll post my final decklist when I manage to discover the
stable build for Heroes.

Thats all.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gravekeeper Odin.

Okay, first of all the main idea of this deck is from
Nicholas and all the credits are for him! =)

I am now present you with the Gravekeeper Odin
deck with some tweaks and change by me.

Monster [18]
Dark Armed Dragon x 1
Chaos Sorcerer x 2
Summoning Monk x 1
Different Dimension Spirit x 1
Gravekeeper's Spy x 3
Gravekeeper's Guard x 3
Gravekeeper's Descendant x 1
Polar Star Spirit Ljósálfr x 3
Polar Star Angel Valkyria x 3

Spell [17]
Forbidden Holy Lance x 3
Forbidden Chalice x 3
Book of Moon x 3
Pot of Duality x 2
MST x 2
Allure of Darkness x 1
Sword of Revealing Light x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
Mind Control x 1

Trap [5]
Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir x 2
Solemn Warning x 2
Solemn Judgement x 1

Basically, Gravekeepers are there as synchro materials.
Polar Star Spirit act as Marauding Captain as well as
synchro materials. Tuner is pretty self explanatory.
Different Dimension Spirit is there for protection of own
monster as well as allow the access to Trishula.

Thats all people.

Bye. =D


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Six Samurai Deck.

Hello people, below is the decklist of my six samurai
deck that i used in the tournament on 26th of December.

Monster [14]

Great Shogun Shien x 1
Grandmaster of the Six Samurai x 2
True Six Samurai Kizan x 3
True Six Samurai Kageki x 3
Kagemusha of the Six Samurai x 3
Hand of the Six Samurai x 1
Morphing Jar x 1

Magic [18]
Gateway of Six Samurai x 3
Six Samurai United x 3
Shien's Smoke Signal x 3
Book of Moon x 3
MST x 2
ROTA x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
Sword of Revealing Light x 1
Giant Trunade x 1

Trap [8]
Magatama of Musakani x 2
Solemn Warning x 2
Torrential Tribute x 1
Solemn Judgement x 1
Trap Dustshoot x 1
Double-Edged Sword Technique x 1

Extra Deck [15]
True Six Samurai Shien x 3
A.O.J Catastor x 2
Magical Android x 1
Chain Dragon x 1
Ice Boundary Dragon, Brionac x 1
Goyo Guardian x 1
Black Rose Dragon x 2
Stardust Dragon x 1
Scrap Dragon x 1
Red Demon Archfiend x 1
Colossal Fighter x 1

Side Deck [15]
Puppet Plant x 2
Kinetic Soldier x 1
My Body As A Shield x 1
Dark Hole x 1
Dust Tornado x 2
Rivalry of Warlords x 2
Divine Wrath x 2
Compulsory Evacuation Device x 2
Bottomless Traphole x 2

I know my sidedeck is kind of weird and useless, well,
I'm not good with making a side deck. So, if you guys
have any opinions, do voice out. =D

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Awaited Achievement.

Long time no see people, and yes, I'm not dead. =D

I joined the Malaysia Tournament on the 26/12/2010.
As the title mentioned, I managed to make it to the 3rd
place in the tournament, which is the best tournament
results I achieved in my Yugioh history.

Lets cut the crap and continue with brief tourney report.

Match 1 [Can't Remember, Sorry! - Dark Deck]
1st Round : Usual Samurai Rush.
2nd Round : Same Thing.
Result : OO

Match 2 [Loh Seow Meng's bro - Machina X Dragunity]
1st Round : Samurai Control and Rush.
2nd Round : Owned By Dragon Valley, Aklys & Dux.
3rd Round : Samurai Rush.
Result : OXO

Match 3 [Chan Hong - Fairy Control]
1st Round : Good Starting Hand, Samurai Rush.
2nd Round : 1st turn Krystia, FML.
3rd Round : He Bad Hand, Samurai Rush.
Result : OXO

Match 4 [Ho Won Chun - BF]
1st Round : Icarus Attack & Warning FML.
2nd Round : He Bad Hand, Me Samurai Rush.
3rd Round : Me Bad Hand, He Awesome Hand, Finished.
Result : XOX

Just when I thought thats it for me, the organiser said
there is a lucky draw for the players who just lost. The
lucky one will get to play in the Top 8 Match.

Luck is on my side! Goes into Top 8. =D

Match 5 [Loh Seow Meng -Machina Gadget]
1st Round : Samurai Rush.
2nd Round :
He has one gadget on the field with 1 S/T. He activates
Gozen Match during my standby phase. My hand was
Monster Reborn, 2 Kizan, Kagemusha, Gate &
Magatama. I activate Gate, NS Kagemusha and SS Kizan.
Remove 4 tokens for Grandmaster and SS it. Kagemusha
and Kizan synchro into Goyo Guardian. Monster Reborn
Kagemusha and synchro with Goyo into Scrap Dragon.
Remove 4 tokens for 3rd Kizan. SS 2 kizan. Remove tokens
to pump up atk. Set Magatama, Scrap Dragon's effect destroy
Magatama and his gadget. Full Atk by Scrap Dragon,
Grandmaster and 2 Kizans.
Result : OO [Proceed to Top 4]

Match 6 [ Sung Lee - Quickdraw Plant ]
Round 1 :
Nervous and forget to activate the effect of Grandmaster when
he bottomless it. Monsterless hand and got pawned.
Round 2 : He Bad Hand, Samurai Control and Rush.
Round 3 : Solemn Warning + Gozen Match. FML
Result : XOX

Match 7 [Sun Shin Tat - Froggy Monarchs]
Round 1 :
He stalls with 3 Battle Fader. But my late good hand brought me
Round 2 :
3 Gates, 1 Kageki, 1 Smoke Signal and 1 Trap Dustshoot. He has
1 S/T and no monster. Me 1st turn Shien with Samurai Swarm and
attack which stopped by Battle Fader. Trap Dustshoot-ed him and
left him with high level monster. Samurai rape next turn.
Result : OO [ 3rd Place ]

Prizes : Medal, 1 Deckbox, 1 Playmat, 1 Extra Pack 2 Box,
1 Crimson Crisis Box & 1 Tournament Pack.

Worth Mentioning Pulls:
1 x Sirroco
1 x Armor Master
1 x Dark Dive Bomber
1 x Arcanite Buster.
1 x Alien Synchro.
1 x Psychic Buster.
1 x Avenging Knight Parsath.
1 x Rose Warrior of Revenge.
1 x Tempest Magician.
1 x Collosoal Buster.

Even though prizes aren't that attractive, but I'm quite
happy with my results. =D

Well, is the end of the year now. Happy New Year Everyone!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will That Work??

Scenario 1:

Super-Nimble Mega Hamster flip,

Special Summon Polar Star Beast Tanngnjostr, flip,

Special summon another 3 star Polar Beast,

Synchro Shoukan, Polar God Monarch, Thor!!!!

Scenario 2:

Super-Nimble Mega Hamster Attacked, flip,

Special Summon Polar Star Beast Tanngnjostr,

Bye Bye Hamster.

My Turn, Flip Polar Star Beast Tanngnjostr,

Special Summon Polar Star Beast Tanngrisnir,

Synchro Shoukan, Natural Palkion!!!

This card going to be big!!!

Shall start collecting Super-Nimble Mega Hamster.

Till Next Time.

Khyez. =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hey everyone, I'm Back!! Sorry for not posting for
so long, working is killing me. =(

Gahh... forget about work! Yay for the new format! =)

Dark Hole + Triple Black Rose + Unharmed Dandylion
= Ultimate Destruction!!!

- Substitoad - Infernity Launcher - Brain Control
= Bye Bye FTK!

- Heavy Storm = Landmine Everywhere! =X

In conclusion, The new September 2010 format is
awesome! Especially with the mass reprint of Starlight
Road, the backrow now is more annoying than before.
Therefore, every move will have to be much careful as
small mistakes will lead to the counter attack of

I have already modified most of my deck to suit the
September banlist. I'll try to squeeze out some time
soon to post out those decklists.

Thanks for reading.

Till Next Time. =)